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JULY 2008
One room.Three women.
One weekend to paint whatever happens.

"Nature in her genius had imitated art." – Ovid



The Sentient Painting
July 12, noon – July14, noon

Live Worms Gallery
1345 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA USA

San Francisco, CA- For 48 straight hours, spectators of The Sentient Painting will have the opportunity to witness and participate in a unique painting experience. This live art installation will titillate the voyeur tendencies of the San Francisco art scene.

Challenging their own artistic comfort-zones and the conventions of gallery space, artists Erin Gallup, Betty Blake and Kristie Rolke Smith will live together and paint onto a single canvas. The Sentient Painting reflects their three unique creative styles and any collaboration or conflict that is likely to arise out of 48 hours of constant interaction among the artists and the installation's viewers.

Erin Gallup's latest art conception revolves around the creative swirl of life and art. Sentient Painting blurs those lines, by dispelling logic and control from the process. The installation draws inspiration from the sentiments of Giorgio de Chirico and the collaborative spirit of Surrealist artists. But the likeness ends there. Unlike their cadavre exquis exercises, where an artist would hand-off a painting to another until it became complete, The Sentient Painting is communal and truly collaborative throughout its evolution until its last stroke.

Above: "1. Heart"
Mixed media on paper,
2"x2", 2008
Gallup, Blake and Smith will draw in a vast network of viewers from various backgrounds to accomplish the challenge of captivating gallery art lovers and non-gallery art lovers alike. It is in this audience that the artists will find the sensory stimuli to evolve The Sentient Painting. Life becomes art, and therefore, The Sentient Painting will not discriminate; it will be an utterly honest expression of the artists. There is no pre-conceived design for the final outcome. The artists' only direction will be the moment's desires.

"This project is unique because it aims to be inclusive, rather than exclusive. People who come to the show partake in the art and share in the experience (rather than passively look on). Sentient will be a timeline of the weekend's events and non-events."

-Erin Gallup

Erin Gallup is an aggregate artist, recognized for working in a variety of mediums to collectively form a single art piece. Leveraging her previous site-specific and interactive shows, Gallup captures the experiential journey of art. With The Sentient Painting, she hopes to continue in that tradition, while taking audience participation to a new level. Erin Gallup's fearless thematic artistic style favors structure and the inevitable loss of control due to self-imposed shared living and work space will manifest in her painting. Likewise, Betty Blake and Kristie Rolke Smith, who find inspiration in space and nature, respectively, will have to address the unknown of working under real-time transparent conditions. Of note, Betty Blake's sculpture exhibit at Million Fishes Gallery and work in the 826 Valencia Benefit at 111 Minna Gallery addressed subtlety, fragility and the absence of color. Kristie Rolke Smith recently exhibited her work at 111 Minna's Home and Away where she explored transcendence in her minimalistic painting style.

For more information and for samples of the artists' work, please visit www.SentientPainting.info